Bedlam Reigns

GOP VS Obama

Bedlam Reigns
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I have finally accepted with a heavy heart that the United States is filled with desperate paranoid psychotic morons.  This isn’t to say the majority of my fellow Americans fall into this category, but enough of them that I fear for our country for the first time in my life.  The first election I remember was Nixon vs. McGovern in 1972 … yes, I’ve been around a long time.  My mother was a staunch Democrat and my grandparents both Republicans … but that meant something so much different than it does now.


When the Republican party was founded in 1854, the GOP (Grand Old Party), had these tenets as its basis:  Abolishing slavery, women’s suffrage, preserving free speech, Streamlining bureaucracy, reducing the power of the federal government and returning said power to the states.  Now the Republican party is filled with a large proportion of nut cases.  This isn’t to say that we Democrats don’t have our fair share, but as things become more desperate for the GOP, the craziness is becoming more and more obvious.


For years the republican congress has stopped almost every bill Obama has supported including plans for more jobs and, of course, Obamacare.  In fact, they spent billions of dollars trying to get Obamacare overturned a whopping forty times!  They’ve lied and said that the costs of healthcare would go up when, in fact, they’ve fallen, sometimes drastically.  To oppose acts that would increase jobs, increase taxes on the rich, keep our voting honest and legal and then point to our President and say he has not kept his campaign promises is ridiculous.


But then the Tea Baggers and the religious right are watching Faux News and falling for their bullshit hook, line and sinker.  In fact, that’s where they get most of their news.  Our minimum wage is not a living wage here and those that work full time still must collect government aid to keep a roof over their heads and food on their table.  Yet the GOP blames them for our financial woes and cuts benefits to our most vulnerable citizens.


These are not the principles on which our country was founded.  This is not what we stand for at all.  There’s a meme going around Facebook that sort of says it all… there are several (six I think) pictures of abandoned buildings, ragged people, etc.  It says something along the lines of, “Look how awful it is in Syria.  We must send help.  Oh, wait, that’s Detroit?  Nevermind.”


Recently President Obama stated that he felt we should take military action against Syria.  Many republicans had taken him to task for not doing just that.  They changed their tune then, and accused him of starting a war no one wanted.  Obama then said he would be seeking congressional support for his plan even though, by law, he did not need to.  At that point the GOP had no idea what to do.  They were ready, I’m sure, to slam him for going it alone and, when he didn’t, they were at a loss.  This is where Russia steps in and, since President Obama now had everyone discussing Syria, Putin made his move.  The GOP finally had something with which to slam President Obama:  Russia beat us to it and now we look weak and ridiculous thanks to our warmongering president.  Really?


Our president, thanks to the clear and consistent opposition of the Republican party, has had his hands tied for years and still managed to get us universal healthcare.  He is thwarted, though, at every turn.  We are at a standstill and we, I believe, stand a good chance of ending up in a civil war again here if we don’t successfully vote out all the idiots who say they represent us when, in fact, they don’t.


However, what finally led me to believe that I am living in a lunatic asylum is the uproar over water.  That’s right, you heard me… water.  H2O.  Michelle Obama’s campaign to have everyone eat better and live healthier lifestyles has the GOP in an uproar.  She took a hugely controversial stance and stated that Americans should *gasp* drink more water.


The responses from the GOP have caused me to face palm myself several times.  One person said that there is no proof that drinking more water will help your health in any way.  Others took offense that our President’s wife would “tell us what to put into our mouths”.




It has become a situation of the GOP opposing anything that Obama supports.  It has become a childish battle with lines drawn in the sand.  It has become a no-win situation for every citizen who falls below the very richest.  Instead of being the land of the free and opportunity, it’s a land of struggle and one of the largest disparities between our “haves” and “have nots”.  Instead of our citizens winning and thriving, our corporations are…and they are not passing their good fortune down to their workers.  Instead of being a country where there is separation of church and state, we who are not Christian are told to “go home” and “get out” if we don’t like it.


So, short of moving out of the United States … I am at a loss as to what to do when surrounded by so much ignorance and paranoia.  As I said, I’ve been around for a long time and have been following politics for almost as long as I’ve been alive.  I have never seen anything that comes close to what this country is going through right now.  I’m sure my grandparents are turning over in their graves along with several well-known and respected republicans of the past…and our Founding Fathers.


So, can someone please pass me the key to get out of the asylum?  How about just a day pass, huh?

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Cyn Duby

Cyn Duby

Co-Editor and Features Writer

I am a writer by obsession, a widow by tragedy, a bi-sexual switch by birth, and a pagan by spirit. I am a flower-child, left to a fault and activist by nature and have always stood for the underdog.

Cyn Duby
About Cyn Duby

I am a writer by obsession, a widow by tragedy, a bi-sexual switch by birth, and a pagan by spirit. I am a flower-child, left to a fault and activist by nature and have always stood for the underdog. More Posts

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